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Getting Better Just Got Better

The UNIVERSITY PHYSICIANS MEDICAL CENTER - ILOILO is a modern private healthcare facility with world-class amenities and services at par with any major medical center in Cebu, Manila and other cities in Southeast Asia. UPMC-Iloilo will focus on specialized healthcare services built around a university-based specialty group practice 
out-patient clinic model, and complemented with a fully digital laboratory and advance imaging services, similar to the first UNIVERSITY PHYSICIANS MEDICAL CENTER located in PGH compound in Manila. This facility is a joint venture project of PANAY MEDICAL VENTURES, INC. (PMVI), and the MERCADO GENERAL HOSPITAL, INC (MGHI).

UPMC-Iloilo has an Ambulatory Surgical Center that focuses on specialized health care services that is centered on out-patient and minimally invasive surgical procedures such as laparoscopy, arthroscopy, endoscopy, etc., that requires a short hospital stay or none at all. The following are the selected specialized health care services or centers that will be offered at UPMC-ILOILO AMBULATORY SURGICAL CENTER:

      Dialysis & IV Therapy
      Pain Management Center
      Occupational & Industrial Medicine Center
      Comprehensive Rehabilitation Medicine Center
      Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Center
      Integrated Eye Diagnostic & Treatment Center
      Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Center
      Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery
      Urology & Lithotripsy Center

UPMC - Iloilo
also houses a Specialty Hospital solely dedicated on the treatment and care of women and children (age 18 years old & younger). UPMC - ILOILO WOMEN´S & CHILDREN´S SPECIALTY HOSPITAL is supported by the following services:

      Digital Laboratory & Ancillary Services
      Advance Diagnostic Imaging Services
                   >  Digital X-Ray &  Fluoroscopy
                  >  Dental X-Rays
                  >   General, Vascular & Obstetric Ultrasound 
                  >   Digital Mammogram
                  >   Central Bone Densitometric Scan
                  >   16-Slice CT Scan
                  >   1.5T  MR
       Emergency Room & Ambulance Services
       High Risk Pregnancy & Intensive Care Unit
       Labor Room, Delivery Room & Operating Room
       Nursery & Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
       Central Supply & Pharmacy
       Admission Suites

UPMC - ILOILO WOMEN´S AND CHILDREN´S SPECIALTY HOSPITAL is envisioned to be the regional center for women´s health, obstetric and pediatric services in the Western Visayas and neighboring provinces. The facility will be tailor-fit to cater to the unique health and wellness needs of mothers, daughters, sisters - and children.                




I. Ambulatory Surgery Center

1. Specialty Group Practice OPD Clinics
Internal Medicine Group Practice Pediatrics Group Practice Ob-Gyne Group Practice  
Surgery Group Practice Othopaedic-Rehab Med Group Practice (Panay
     Ortho & Rehab Institute)
Ophthalmology Group Practice (Iloilo City
     Eye Consultants)
ENT Group Practice Dermatology Group Practice (Skin Care Clinic) Dental Group Practice  

2. Day Surgery Center

Endoscopy & Laparoscopy Urology & Lithotripsy Arthoscopy & Orthopaedics  
Ophthalmology & ENT Aesthetic & Reconstructive Orthopaedic Surgery & Arthroscopy  

3. Post-Anesthesia Care Unit & Recovery Suites

4. Convenient Store & Pharmacy

5. Specialty Centers & Services

Industrial & Occupational Medicine Center Comprehensive Rehabilitation Medicine Center Eye Treatment Center  
Aesthetic Center Dialysis & IV Therapy Center Pain Management Center  

II. Women´s & Children´s Specialty Hospital 

1. Advance Diagnostic Imaging Services

Rourine X-Rays & Fluoroscopy General Ultrasound Dental X-Rays  
16-Slice CT Scan 1.5T  MRI    

2. Digital Laboratory & Ancillary Services

Hematology & Clinical Chemistry Microscopy & Serology Microbiology & Histopathology  
Drug Testing      

3. Auxiliary Diagnostic Services

Heart Station & Vascular Studies Pulmonary Service Neurology Diagnostic Center  

4. Women Center

Ob-Gyne Ultrasound Digital Mammography Central Bone Mineral Densitometric Scan  

5. Emergency Room & Ambulance Service

6. Birthing Center, Nursery & Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

7. ICU & High Risk Pregnancy Unit

8. Central Supply & Pharmacy

9. Admission Suites

10. Specialty Centers & Services

Family Planning & Breast Clinic Menopause & Osteoporosis Clinic             Reproductive & Infertility Center         
Child Developmental & Adolescent Center Newborn Screening Services